Choose an Activity

Have a look at the future activities listed in the latest newsletter.Follow the Newsletter link on the BBOC home page. Read the description for an idea of how easy/challenging the activity is and select one within your comfort zone. Some activities are graded to assist your choice.

Alternatively you can come to the monthly meeting night and talk to any committee member or trip coordinator for a more comprehensive conversation about our activities

Call the Trip Leader

Our friendly trip leaders welcome participation so the first thing to do is give them a call well in advance and put your name on the list. Provide a contact phone number so they can inform you of a change in circumstances. They are only too happy to answer any questions you have so please do not hesitate to ask.


Members can join in an activity for free and visitors are asked a nominal cost of $ 2 per day. If after a couple of trips you decide the club is for you then please join us. Follow the Membership link on the home page.

Fuel Share

To keep travel costs to a minimum, car pooling is encouraged. The BBOC promotes a fuel share system based on zones where participants pay a fuel cost based on distance. You can offer your own car or jump in a car with others. The drivers are paid the fuel cost at some point in the trip so bring along the amount required, preferably the exact amount. Note the fuel share form is a guide as some trips may involve car shuffles, access costs, tolls etc but these should be explained prior to the trip so barring any unusual circumstances participants know how much to bring. You can find the Fuel Cost Sharing form by following the Trip Forms link on the homepage.

Where Does The Trip Start?

Day walks generally start from Short Street near the club meeting room. Please confirm with the trip coordinator.

Bendigo Bushwalking

Bushwalking Vic


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