Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form

Most importantly, download and fill out the Participants Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form. Follow the Trip Forms link from the home page. Place in a plastic bag and put it in the top of your pack. This information is confidential and only used in emergencies.


Bushwalking Victoria offers an information for new walkers http://www.bushwalkingvictoria.org.au/start.html

If your a beginner and are unsure if bushwalking is right for you there is no need to purchase the latest high tech gear. The most important part of your kit is comfortable, sturdy footwear.

The following list is a guide for a day walk. For other activities, ask your trip leader.

What to wear:

Remember that even the hottest day can be chilly in the morning or late evening and you can get warm on the coldest day if you are exerting yourself.

If the weather is wet it is a good idea to take a spare set of clothing to leave in the car for the trip home.

The following is a guide – consult your trip leader:

Layered clothing is best

T-shirt – long sleeve shirt

A jumper for when you stop (wool or micro-fleece)

Waterproof jacket

Light weight, easy to dry pants (eg. hiking pants) or shorts (or carry shorts)

Thick socks (thin inner socks help prevent chafing)

Comfortable sturdy boots, with a good tread, preferably waterproof


What to take:

A comfortable back pack (30 – 45 litres)

Personal first aid kit

Water – at least 1 litre per person – more in summer

Lunch, morning and / or afternoon tea (you will be surprised how hungry you can get out in the fresh air)

Snacks – dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, muesli bar etc (those eating chocolate will be sure of making friends).

A whistle


Sun hat or beanie

Small plastic bag for your rubbish

Dense foam mat to sit on

Fuel share money

Money and ID

Sunscreen, lip balm and insect repellent


Optional items:

Pocket knife

Camera and binoculars

Toilet paper and small trowel

Mobile phone – can be useful in an emergency.


Walking sticks

Spare pair of socks


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